ReserveGroup increases RevPAR for Barclay Suites by over 34%
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ReserveGroup increases RevPAR for Barclay Suites by over 34%
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ReserveGroup increases RevPAR for Barclay Suites by over 34%
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ReserveGroup increases RevPAR for Barclay Suites by over 34%
15 May 2015
Barclay Suites Sees 34% Increase in REVPAR

Barclay Suites is a four star, 110 room, serviced apartment hotel in central Auckland. They entered the competitive Auckland accommodation market with a new name and no brand identity. They partnered with ReserveGroup to differentiate in the market.

Driver Of Change: Barclay Suites identified that competing on price alone was a race to the bottom.

The Challenges
Barclay Suites faced some key marketing challenges: 

increasing product value to increase average daily rate (ADR), 
targeting product and customer segments, 
finding a unique value proposition, and 
no brand identity

Unique Value Proposition
In order to justify why customers should book with them, it was important for Barclay Suites to clarify who they are and what they truly offer guests that is different and delivers greater value. 

ReserveGroup delivers
A 34% increase in REVPAR after implementing new rate strategy and recommended marketing activity. There was also a substantial increase in ADR while occupancy stable at around 80% and they experienced reduced high/low season shock.

A unique positioning – ‘Ask Barclay’ was developed on the basis of three Les Clefs d’Or concierge on staff providing a unique and valuable guest service. What a Les Clefs d’Or concierge doesn’t know (or can’t do for you) isn’t worth knowing or doing. This positioning allowed Barclay Suites to differentiate on elements other than rate in a highly competitive Auckland accommodation market.

Careful market segmentation was carried out and targeted communications strategies developed.

How Barclay Suites Increased REVPAR by 34% with ReserveGroup
ReserveGroup started with a situation report, summarising the findings from their comprehensive research and analysis phase forming the basis for the strategy development.

A revised organisational positioning and the ‘Ask Barclay’ unique value proposition was delivered. This was then aligned to individual product positioning, and made use of the Tourism 2025 industry framework.

A rate strategy was developed using a tiered approach and including MinBAR / MaxBAR rate setting rules. An online distribution strategy was delivered to drive direct bookings, and extend the Barclay Suites reach to social media with continuing success.

Execution without compromise is a critical element of the ReserveGroup process. If it can’t be measured don’t do it. If it isn’t delivering results change it. At ReserveGroup they don’t just provide the strategy they turn it into action and results. An implementation calendar and project planner made it clear for all parties what had to be done when, and included inbound marketing campaigns, targeted communications and retargeting, and revenue management procedures.

New reporting was implemented for KPIs, with a change in focus from ADR to RevPAR. Ongoing business intelligence and information management enables Barclay Suites to continuously improve.
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