General features
Store over 70 different types of files including video, design artwork, Word, PDF, Excel and PowerPoint on our cloud-based servers.
Reduce your own storage requirements and ensure your documents are safe from theft, fire or natural disaster.
Categorise or tag your documents and display them in different areas, making it easier for intended users to search for documents.
Publish and control security access via the internet and ensure only authorised people can view and access certain documents online.
Advanced Functionality
Check-in and check-out documents, ensuring you have uninterrupted access when making amendments.
Interface with the eMarketing module to easily send these documents with your communications and promote new document versions with the Announcements module.
Load and relate a document to a client, supplier, project or opportunity for intelligent online filing.
Quickly access the right document by running a search in multiple places including a general document search or refine your search further in the client or tasks sections.
Publish documents online and easily update them. Display your documents and have the latest versions automatically updated on your website when you make an amendment.
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